Monday, September 28, 2015

What is a CMS?

CC Communications offers CMS solutions to keep your website up to date.We’re in an ever-changing world and your business is not an exception to the rule. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Often, companies launch a new or redesigned website and wait for it to work for them. In a perfect world, this is how things would unfold, but unfortunately, it’s not that easy.  Updating and refining your website content regularly not only plays a role to improve your SEO (more about SEO in future blog posts), but also helps to win your clients and visitors over with a well-maintained website that is chock full of relevant, updated information.

Websites can be intimidating. If you've ever seen the source code of a website, you know what I mean. (If you’re curious, go to a webpage, right click and click on ‘View Page Source’.) Making updates to a website can be tedious and if you’re not clear on how to make website content updates correctly, errors can be made that may prove detrimental to your entire website structure.

Our production team advocates for having a strong CMS (Content Management System) implemented within your website. A CMS is a platform that allows your company the opportunity to modify, edit, and publish your website content from a main interface.  Sound intimidating? It’s not. Not only can you ‘un-do’ errors, our production team takes the time to train our clients on how make edits and navigate the CMS platform; we’ll never leave our clients out in the woods at night without a flashlight.

One of our favorite and most used CMS platforms is DNN (DotNetNuke). Not only is DNN easy to use, many of the ‘skins’ (templates) offer a responsive design, which is a topic we’ll talk more about in a future blog post. In essence, a responsively designed website automatically adjusts to best serve the device that you’re utilizing to visit a website, whether that be a smartphone or a desktop computer. Aside from DNN, our production team employs several other CMS platforms based on our client’s unique needs. To learn about other CMS options, please visit our Content Management Systems page.

So we ask you… How easy is to update your website? Do you avoid updating your website because of the headache involved with making edits? Would your company’s sales and marketing departments benefit from a seamless solution to easily update your website with fresh and up-to-date content?

The CC Communications Team is here to help! We’ve been in business for over 21 years and specialize in helping Charlotte area clients bolster their online marketing and web development performance. We’d love to have a conversation with you to see if our team can be a catalyst for your business growth. We invite you to connect with the CC Communications sales team at or Contact Us directly.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hello, World - Welcome to the CC Communications Blog!

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Welcome to the CC Communications Blog! We'll be delivering digital strategies each week relating to the world of web development, digital marketing, SEO, programming, and more. Our goal is to provide you with valuable and timely content that relates directly to your business’ future and to maximize your overall online marketing mix. We want to earn your trust to become your preferred partner to create online marketing and development success stories.

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