Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to Correctly Brand Your Business Online

CC Communications can assist with your online branding.As you prepare for re-branding or a redesign of your website, consider evaluating your complete online identity to ensure your online presence is consistent across all platforms. This includes each social media account you have established, each directory listing, and any online ad campaigns you may be running through Google AdWords or Yahoo! Bing ads.

When it comes to your working business name, make sure that your business is listed uniformly in all of your directory listings, social media platforms, news articles, and blogs. Not only does this help your SEO campaign by remaining consistent with NAP Data (Name, Address, Phone), it provides users an easy path to find you. This also prevents browsers from assuming they're viewing conflicting or competing businesses.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest, allow you the opportunity to personalize your web address. This is called a vanity url, and it's the unique link that will lead a visitor directly to your dedicated page on a social media network. Since many of the major social media platforms are well established, you may find that other businesses may have grabbed your username already, so take some time to research a username that will allow your business to stay consistent across all platforms. If your business name is already taken, consider using derivations with an action word in front of your business name. For instance, @GoXYZCompany or @HireXYZCompany.

Overall, make sure that your social media handles relate to your business. Before you commit to a particular url or handle, do your due diligence to make sure that handle is available on all platforms.

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

5 Ways to Impress Your Website Visitors

You rock at search engine optimization. You can blog with the best of 'em. Your social media is on point. You notice that your website visits are growing... but don't celebrate, yet.

Building a website is much like maintaining your computer. You have to allow for system updates, edit what's hosted on your computer, and clean out unused space so your computer will run optimally. So what can you do to make an impact to keep your visitors coming back for more?

Dated designs are easy to spot and could influence visitors to think that your website has not been updated in some time or that your company is not staying up-to-date. Think of your website design as the state of your home. If you were having a dinner party or inviting company over, would you want to present your home looking its best or when it's rather 'lived in'?

Make sure to consistently check your website for dead links, formatting issues, and bad re-directs. Not only can these issues negatively impact your SEO, they can be a hub of frustration for your visitors.

Sometimes webmasters and marketers design websites for what looks best and not always what is most user-friendly. Take a moment to objectively look at your website from the eyes of a first time visitor to your website. Would you encounter navigation frustration attempting to find what you're seeking? It's easy for visitors attention to be pulled many different ways that they become frustrated and confused, leading them to navigate away from the page. Impress your visitors by keeping your website uncluttered and allows their attention to flow naturally.

All businesses have a competitor in some form or fashion... Are you blending in with the pack or are you standing at the forefront of your industry? Want to really make a lasting impression with visitors and potential clients? Offer a service or amenity on your website that your competitors don't - This could be a complimentary consultation session or white paper, a complimentary gift, or extended customer service. Offer more and do more to show your web visitors and clients how much you care and appreciate their business and trust.

Aside from intensifying your SEO presence, updating your website on a consistent basis adds urgency to return to your website, as new content, products, or services, given your business line, are added regularly. This gives your visitors extra incentive to return and become a loyal visitor or client.

Is your website craving a web re-design? Are you in need of making tweaks to your website and need assistance? The CC Communications Team is always here to help!